A highly reliable broadcast scheme for IEEE 802.11 multi-hop ad hoc networks

Shiann Tsong Sheu, Yihjia Tsai, Jenhui Chen

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In wired networks, the broadcast data packets can be easily and safely delivered to destinations. Nevertheless, it is a big challenge to transfer the broadcast frames over the IEEE 802.11 based multi-hop ad hoc wireless networks due to the high bit error rate, the high collision probability, and the lake of acknowledgement (ACK). Unfortunately, most of routing protocols need the broadcast function to exchange important information between nodes. From our observations, the efficiency of the routing protocol, such as DSR and AODV, finding the path from source to destination is strongly depending on the supported broadcast scheme in the underlying media access control (MAC) protocol. In this paper, we will first investigate the uncertain broadcast problem in the IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol while delivering the necessary broadcast frames. Since no acknowledgement will be sent by any recipient of the broadcast frame in IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol, we will propose a highly reliable broadcast scheme to solve such uncertain problem. The proposed scheme, which is still compatible with standard, can efficiently minimize bandwidth consumption as well as propagation delay.

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期刊Conference Record - International Conference on Communications
出版狀態已出版 - 2002
事件2002 International Conference on Communications (ICC 2002) - New York, NY, United States
持續時間: 28 4月 20022 5月 2002


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