A fuzzy neural network controller for parallel-resonant ultrasonic motor drive

Fa Jeng Lin, Rong Jong Wai, Sheng Long Wang

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A newly designed driving circuit for the travelingwave-type ultrasonic motor (USM), which consists of a push-pull dc-dc power converter and a current-source two-phase parallelresonant inverter, is presented in this study. Moreover, since the dynamic characteristics of the USM are difficult to obtain and the motor parameters are time varying, a fuzzy neural network (NN) controller is proposed to control the USM drive system. In the proposed controller, a fuzzy model-following controller is implemented to control the rotor position of the USM, and an on-line trained NN with variable learning rates is implemented to tune the output scaling factor of the fuzzy controller. To guarantee the convergence of tracking error, analytical methods based on a discrete-type Lyapunov function are proposed to determine the desired variable learning rates. From the experimental results, accurate tracking response can be obtained by the proposed controller, and the influences of parameter variations and external disturbances on the USM drive also can be reduced effectively.

頁(從 - 到)928-937
期刊IEEE Transactions on Industrial Electronics
出版狀態已出版 - 1998


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