A dual-gate 2nd/3rd-order subharmonic injection-locked oscillator in GaAs PHEMT

Fan Hsiu Huang, Yue Ming Hsin

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A dual-gate subharmonic injection-locked oscillator (SILO) has been designed and fabricated in 0.5 μm GaAs PHEMT process for millimeter-wave communication applications. Specifically, this study proposes a dual-gate circuit topology to achieve a high-frequency oscillator with a large output signal power. The proposed dual-gate transistor also performs a wideband negative resistance characteristic by which the self-oscillation frequency can easily be determined with a proper resonator. The measured self-oscillation frequency of the proposed SILO is approximately 49 GHz, and the frequency tuning range is adjustable from 48.7 GHz to 49.7 GHz with an output power of 8 dBm. By injecting a 2nd-order (~24.5 GHz) subharmonic signal into the dual-gate SILO, the maximum locking range of 5.6 GHz can be approached at an input power of 11 dBm without any self-oscillation frequency tuning. With changing the input frequency to be a 3rd-order subharmonic injection (~16.3 GHz), an output locking range of 2.9 GHz also can be achieved. The measured phase noises of the output signals from 2nd- and 3rd-order subharmonic injections are -101 and -100 dBc/Hz, respectively, at 100-kHz offset frequency.

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期刊Microelectronics Journal
出版狀態已出版 - 1月 2014


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