A deep multi-embedding model for mobile application recommendation

Yi Hung Liu, Yen Liang Chen, Po Ya Chang

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With the explosion in the number of mobile applications, it becomes difficult and time-consuming for users to find the most suitable and interesting application from the millions of applications that exist today. Therefore, mobile app recommendation becomes a top priority to help people solve this problem. In previous studies, there are two common methods to solve this problem, one is to apply matrix factorization to the rating data to predict the target user's ratings for other applications, and the other is to predict ratings based on the user's review text. In addition to combining the above two traditional methods, this study also combines deep learning methods to generate better models. For rating data, we use a deep matrix factorization method to obtain latent factor vectors of users and items from the rating matrix to improve the embedding of ratings. For review text, we improve the text representation by using a multi-embedding approach. Most importantly, our model also incorporates deep neural networks with nonlinear transformation capabilities to extract more representative abstract features. We conduct experiments on datasets collected from the real world. Extensive experimental results show that our proposed method has better performance than other existing methods.

期刊Decision Support Systems
出版狀態已出版 - 10月 2023


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