A complete understanding of disorientation problems in web-based learning

Yu Cheng Shih, Pei Ren Huang, Yung Chi Hsu, Sherry Y. Chen

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Disorientation problems influence student learning. To address this issue, this study uses an integrative approach to investigate the causes and consequences of disorientation problems so that a complete understanding can be obtained. Unlike previous empirical studies, which use statistical techniques, this study attempts to expose unexpected relationships with a data mining approach. The results indicate that the causes of disorientation problems are associated with learners' computer experience, the frequencies and time of using each navigation tool. On the other hand, the consequences of disorientation problems are concerned with learning effort and learning performance. Based on the findings, a framework is proposed to provide guidelines for the development of Web-based learning systems that are able to reduce learners' disorientation problems.

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期刊Turkish Online Journal of Educational Technology
出版狀態已出版 - 7月 2012


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