A cognition assessment authoring system for e-learning

Jason C. Hung, L. J. Lin, Wen Chih Chang, Timothy K. Shih, Hui Huang Hsu, Han Bin Chang, Hsuan Pu Chang, Kuan Hao Huang

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With the rapidly development of distance learning and the XML (Extensible Markup Language) technology, metadata becomes an important item in an e-learning system. Today, many distance learning standards such as SCORM, A1CC CMI, IEEE LTSC Learning Object Meta-data (LOM), and IMS Learning Resource Metadata XML Binding Specification, use metadata to tag learning materials, shareable content objects, and learning resources. However, most metadata is used to define learning materials and test problems. Few metadata is dedicated for assessment in learning. In this paper, we proposed an assessment metadata model for e-leaming operations. With the support from the assessment metadata, we can collect information at the question cognition level, Item Difficulty Index, Item Discrimination Index, questionnaire style, and question style. The assessment analysis model provides individual questions, summary of test results, and analytical suggestions. The suggestions and results can tell teachers why a question is not suitable and how to correct it. Teachers can see the analysis of test result and fix problematic questions. With the cognition level analysis, teachers can avoid missing items in teaching. The mechanism developed also suggests an e-learning system, with adaptive learning content and individualized tests, as well as good advice for the teachers.

出版狀態已出版 - 2004
事件Proceedings - 24th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems Workshops - Hachioji, Japan
持續時間: 23 3月 200424 3月 2004


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