A case study of low-status women's attitudes towards computers

Ruey S. Shieh, Sung Lu Chang, Eric Zhi Feng Liu

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This study investigates the attitudes of a group of low-status women towards computers through a deliberately designed computer training programme. Four aspects of the women's attitudes were examined, including computer anxiety, confidence, liking and usefulness. Data sources consist of pre-and post-surveys and interviews with the participants. The results show that the participants' attitudes towards computers improved greatly after attending the training course, especially in terms of the aspect of anxiety. It was also found that the instructor's patience, repeated step-by-step demonstrations, detailed notes presented with screen-image snapshots, stand-by tutors and a friendly learning environment were the main elements that effectively helped the learners increase their positive feelings towards learning to use computers. The study reveals that once women have opportunities to use computers and once they are adequately instructed, the majority will be connected to the digital world in no time.

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期刊Educational Studies
出版狀態已出版 - 5月 2011


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