2D dusty plasma liquids in mesoscopic channels

Pei San Tu, Chia Ling Chan, Lee Weng Teng, Wei Yen Woon, I. Lin

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We review our studies on the micro-motion at the kinetic level of quasi-2D thin dusty plasma liquids in mesoscopic gaps. The topological constraint from the straight boundary leads to the formation of several nearby layered structures with non-Gaussian bumpy transverse displacement (velocity) distributions due to the suppressed transverse hopping. The center region remains unaffected and exhibits isotropic motion and faster structural relaxation like bulk liquid. When the gap width W is reduced below 7 interlayers' width, transition to the layered structure with anisotropic motion and slow dynamics through the whole liquid occurs. Applying external shear for the liquid at width before the layering transition causes the formation of shear bands.

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期刊Physica Scripta T
出版狀態已出版 - 2004
事件International Topical Conference on Plasma Physics: Complex Plasmas in the New Millennium - Santorini Island, Greece
持續時間: 8 9月 200312 9月 2003


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