2.6 A, 0.69 MW cm-2 single-chip bulk GaN p-i-n rectifier

Y. Irokawa, B. Luo, B. S. Kang, Jihyun Kim, J. R. LaRoche, F. Ren, K. H. Baik, S. J. Pearton, C. C. Pan, G. T. Chen, J. I. Chyi, S. S. Park, Y. J. Park

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The performance of a 9 device array of 500 × 500 μm2 GaN p-i-n rectifiers fabricated on epitaxial layers grown on a free-standing GaN template is reported. The forward turn-on voltage was ∼ 5.5 V at 25 °C, with an on-state resistance of ∼ 5 × 10-3 Ωcm2. The total forward current was 1 A at ∼ 8.8 V and 2.6 A at 18 V. The power figure-of-merit for the array, VB 2/RON, was 0.69 MWcm-2, with a reverse recovery time of ≤300 ns. The individual p-i-n rectifiers were interconnected using electroplated Au and clamped in a Cu pressure pack for thermal management.

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期刊Solid-State Electronics
出版狀態已出版 - 2月 2004


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