Photometry and proper motions in Praesepe

  • P. F. Wang (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Wen-Ping Chen (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • C. C. Lin (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • A. K. Pandey (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • C. K. Huang (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Neelam Panwar (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • C. H. Lee (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Meng-Feng Tsai (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Cheng Hsien Tang (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • B. Goldman (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • William Burgett (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • K. C. Chambers (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • P. W. Draper (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • H. Flewelling (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Tommy Grav (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Jim N. Heasley (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • K. W. Hodapp (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • M. E. Huber (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • R. Jedicke (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • N. Kaiser (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • R. P. Kudritzki (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • G. A. Luppino (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • R. H. Lupton (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • E. A. Magnier (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • N. Metcalfe (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • D. G. Monet (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Jeffrey S. Morgan (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • P. M. Onaka (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Paul A. Price (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • C. W. Stubbs (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • W. Sweeney (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • J. L. Tonry (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • R. J. Wainscoat (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • C. Waters (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • K. C. Chambers (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • J.S. Morgan (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • P.A. Price (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)



VizieR online Data Catalogue associated with article published in journal Astronomical Journal (AAS) with title 'Characterization of the Praesepe star cluster by photometry and proper motions with 2MASS, PPMXL, and Pan-STARRS.' (bibcode: 2014ApJ...784...57W)
發行者Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS)
  • Characterization of the praesepe star cluster by photometry and proper motions with 2MASS, PPMXL, and Pan-STARRS

    Wang, P. F., Chen, W. P., Lin, C. C., Pandey, A. K., Huang, C. K., Panwar, N., Lee, C. H., Tsai, M. F., Tang, C. H., Goldman, B., Burgett, W. S., Chambers, K. C., Draper, P. W., Flewelling, H., Grav, T., Heasley, J. N., Hodapp, K. W., Huber, M. E., Jedicke, R., Kaiser, N., 及其他14Kudritzki, R. P., Luppino, G. A., Lupton, R. H., Magnier, E. A., Metcalfe, N., Monet, D. G., Morgan, J. S., Onaka, P. M., Price, P. A., Stubbs, C. W., Sweeney, W., Tonry, J. L., Wainscoat, R. J. & Waters, C., 20 3月 2014, 於: Astrophysical Journal. 784, 1, 57.

    研究成果: 雜誌貢獻期刊論文同行評審

    21 引文 斯高帕斯(Scopus)