M31 Cepheid disk sample of 1st year of PS1

  • Mihael Kodric (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Arno Riffeser (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Ulrich Hopp (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Stella Seitz (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • J. Koppenhoefer (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Ralf Bender (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Claus Goessl (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Jan Snigula (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • C. H. Lee (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Chow-Choong Ngeow (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • K. C. Chambers (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • E. A. Magnier (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • P. A. Price (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • William Burgett (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • K. W. Hodapp (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • N. Kaiser (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • R. P. Kudritzki (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)



VizieR online Data Catalogue associated with article published in journal Astronomical Journal (AAS) with title 'Properties of M31. II: A Cepheid disk sample derived from the first year of PS1 PAndromeda data.' (bibcode: 2013AJ....145..106K)
發行者Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS)