CCDC 970298: Experimental Crystal Structure Determination

  • Yian Yuan Chu (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Hsiu Ming Kuo (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Yu Che Wu (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Chin Yi Wu (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Hwo Shuenn Sheu (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Gene Hsiang Lee (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Ming-Chou Chen (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Chung K. Lai (National Central University) (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)



An entry from the Cambridge Structural Database, the world’s repository for small molecule crystal structures. The entry contains experimental data from a crystal diffraction study. The deposited dataset for this entry is freely available from the CCDC and typically includes 3D coordinates, cell parameters, space group, experimental conditions and quality measures.
發行者The Cambridge Structural Database