Additional file 1 of Enhancing Water-Splitting Efficiency Using a Zn/Sn-Doped PN Photoelectrode of Pseudocubic α-Fe2O3 Nanoparticles

  • Yan Kai Huang (貢獻者)
  • Tung Ming Lin (貢獻者)
  • Hsiang Chiu Wu (貢獻者)
  • Wei-Hsuan Hung (貢獻者)
  • Yang Ming Wang (貢獻者)
  • Jie Xiang Yang (貢獻者)
  • Chuan Ming Tseng (貢獻者)
  • Yongtao Meng (貢獻者)
  • Jin Pei Deng (貢獻者)



Additional file 1: Figure S1. Mott-Schottky plot of the Zn/Sn doped PN photoelectrode of pseudocubic α-Fe2O3. Figure S2. The comparison of XRD before/after operation.
可用日期1 1月 2020
發行者figshare Academic Research System