1894-2020 opt-to-NIR photometry of HO Puppis

  • C. D. Lee (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Jia Yu Ou (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • P. C. Yu (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Chow-Choong Ngeow (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • P. C. Huang (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Wing-Huen Ip (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • F. J. Hambsch (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Hyun Il Sung (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Joannes C. Van Roestel (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Richard G. Dekany (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Andrew J. Drake (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Matthew J. Graham (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Dmitry A. Duev (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Stephen Kaye (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Thomas Kupfer (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Russ Laher (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Frank J. Masci (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • P. Mróz (貢獻者)
  • James D. Neill (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • R. Riddle (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Ben Rusholme (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)
  • Richard Walters (???dataset.roles.dataset.creator???)



VizieR online Data Catalogue associated with article published in journal Astronomical Journal (AAS) with title 'HO Puppis: not a Be star, but a newly confirmed IW And-type star.' (bibcode: 2021ApJ...911...51L)
發行者Centre de Donnees Strasbourg (CDS)
  • HOPuppis: Not a be star, but a newly confirmed iw and-Type star

    Lee, C. D., Ou, J. Y., Yu, P. C., Ngeow, C. C., Huang, P. C., Ip, W. H., Hambsch, F. J., Sung, H. I., Van Roestel, J., Dekany, R., Drake, A. J., Graham, M. J., Duev, D. A., Kaye, S., Kupfer, T., Laher, R. R., Masci, F. J., Mróz, P., Neill, J. D. & Riddle, R. 及其他2, Rusholme, B. & Walters, R., 16 4月 2021, 於: Astrophysical Journal. 911, 1, 51.

    研究成果: 雜誌貢獻期刊論文同行評審

    4 引文 斯高帕斯(Scopus)