The neo-interpretation to Cheng Yi-Chuan's ana Zhu Xi's "Zhenzhi": From the viewpoint of kantian moral philosophy

Cho Hon Yang

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This paper is going to reconsider the judgment on Zhu Xi's and Chen Yi-chuan's ideology systems made by Mou Zongsan. Kant's concept of conquering "Natural Dialectic" is the main approach of interpretation in this paper. The natural dialecict is that when ordinary human are conscious of moral law to practice, their desire will start to resist and let them doubt the pure reason of morality, which causes them to be unable to complete the moral practice. In order to conquer this problem of mankind, Kant claims that the understanding of morality of mankind should be improved from ordinary to theoretical understanding. By doing so, people can conquer the natural dialecte Depending on my research, Yi-chuan's viewpoint of improving the understanding ofmorality from "changzhi" to "Zhenzhi" and Zhu Xi's viewpoint of "Ko-wo Chih-chih" according to Da Xue can be given reasonable explanations in moral practice through Kant's theory which describes above. If the way of explanation is approved, Yi-chuan's and Zhu Xi's theories can be justified and interpreted that their theories belong to a kind of theoretical method which is necessary in moral practice in Confucianism. Therefore, we can give neo-interpretation to Yi-chuan's and Zhu Xi's ideology systems.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)177-203
Number of pages27
JournalTaiwan Journal of East Asian Studies
Issue number2
StatePublished - Dec 2011


  • Cheng Yi-chuan
  • Kant
  • Mou Zongsan
  • Natural dialectic
  • Zhenzhi
  • Zhu Xi


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