The morphological diversity of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko

Nicolas Thomas, Holger Sierks, Cesare Barbieri, Philippe L. Lamy, Rafael Rodrigo, Hans Rickman, Detlef Koschny, Horst Uwe Keller, Jessica Agarwal, Michael F. A'Hearn, Francesco Angrilli, Anne Therese Auger, M. Antonella Barucci, Jean Loup Bertaux, Ivano Bertini, Sebastien Besse, Dennis Bodewits, Gabriele Cremonese, Vania Da Deppo, Bjö DavidssonnMariolino De Cecco, Stefano Debei, Mohamed Ramy El-Maarry, Francesca Ferri, Sonia Fornasier, Marco Fulle, Lorenza Giacomini, Olivier Groussin, Pedro J. Gutierrez, Carsten Güttler, Stubbe F. Hviid, Wing Huen Ip, Laurent Jorda, Jörg Knollenberg, J. Rainer Kramm, Ekkehard Kührt, Michael Küppers, Fiorangela La Forgia, Luisa M. Lara, Monica Lazzarin, Josè J. Lopez Moreno, Sara Magrin, Simone Marchi, Francesco Marzari, Matteo Massironi, Harald Michalik, Richard Moissl, Stefano Mottola, Giampiero Naletto, Nilda Oklay, Maurizio Pajola, Antoine Pommerol, Frank Preusker, Lola Sabau, Frank Scholten, Colin Snodgrass, Cecilia Tubiana, Jean Baptiste Vincent, Klaus Peter Wenzel

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Images of comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko acquired by the OSIRIS (Optical, Spectroscopic and Infrared Remote Imaging System) imaging system onboard the European Space Agency's Rosetta spacecraft at scales of better than 0.8 meter per pixel show a wide variety of different structures and textures. The data show the importance of airfall, surface dust transport,mass wasting, and insolation weathering for cometary surface evolution, and they offer some support for subsurface fluidization models and mass loss through the ejection of large chunks of material.

Original languageEnglish
Article numberaaa0440
Issue number6220
StatePublished - 23 Jan 2015


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