Synthesis, luminescence properties and theoretical calculations of La5BSi2O13:Dy3+ phosphor coatings for light-emitting diodes

Chia Hung Chao, Wan Chi Ni, Chun Ting Chen, Bor Kae Chang, Chia Hung Huang, Cherng Yuh Su, Wei Ren Liu

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In this study, we propose a white-emitting phosphors-La5BSi2O13:Dy3+ synthesized by a conventional solid state reaction. The phase purity, crystal structure, luminescence properties as well as thermal stability and chromaticity coordinates were investigated in this study. The excitation spectra of as-synthesized phosphors were characterized by sharp band extending from 300 to 500 nm. Under 348 nm excitation, La5BSi2O13:Dy3+ exhibits three emission peaks at 477 nm (blue region), 570 nm (yellow region) and 663 nm (red region) which correspond to 4F9/26H15/2, 4F9/26H13/2 and 4F9/26H11/2 transitions of Dy3+, respectively. The emission intensity was only decreased 13% from room temperature to 150 °C, which indicated that La5BSi2O13:Dy3+ phosphor possessed excellent thermal stability. Furthermore, The CIE chromaticity color coordinates of La5BSi2O13:Dy3+ phosphor falls in the yellowish white region. In addition, theoretical calculations of La5BSi2O13 and La5BSi2O13:Dy3+ are also carried out by first principle calculations for comparison. The results indicate that La5BSi2O13:Dy3+ is a potential candidate for white light-emitting diode applications.

Original languageEnglish
Article number137865
JournalThin Solid Films
StatePublished - 31 Mar 2020


  • Density functional theory calculations
  • Doped lanthanide boron silicon oxide
  • Dysprosium
  • Light-emitting-diodes
  • Phosphors
  • Photoluminescence
  • Powders


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