Standard model Higgs boson with the L3 experiment at LEP

P. Achard, O. Adriani, M. Aguilar-Benitez, J. Alcaraz, G. Alemanni, J. Allaby, A. Aloisio, M. G. Alviggi, H. Anderhub, V. P. Andreev, F. Anselmo, A. Arefiev, T. Azemoon, T. Aziz, M. Baarmand, P. Bagnaia, A. Bajo, G. Baksay, L. Baksay, S. V. BaldewS. Banerjee, Sw Banerjee, A. Barczyk, R. Barillère, P. Bartalini, M. Basile, N. Batalova, R. Battiston, A. Bay, F. Becattini, U. Becker, F. Behner, L. Bellucci, R. Berbeco, J. Berdugo, P. Berges, B. Bertucci, B. L. Betev, M. Biasini, M. Biglietti, A. Biland, J. J. Blaising, S. C. Blyth, G. J. Bobbink, A. Böhm, L. Boldizsar, B. Borgia, D. Bourilkov, M. Bourquin, S. Braccini, J. G. Branson, F. Brochu, A. Buijs, J. D. Burger, W. J. Burger, X. D. Cai, M. Capell, G. Cara Romeo, G. Carlino, A. Cartacci, J. Casaus, F. Cavallari, N. Cavallo, C. Cecchi, M. Cerrada, M. Chamizo, Y. H. Chang, M. Chemarin, A. Chen, G. Chen, G. M. Chen, H. F. Chen, H. S. Chen, G. Chiefari, L. Cifarelli, F. Cindolo, I. Clare, R. Clare, G. Coignet, N. Colino, S. Costantini, B. De la Cruz, S. Cucciarelli, T. S. Dai, J. A. Van Dalen, R. De Asmundis, P. Déglon, J. Debreczeni, A. Degré, K. Deiters, D. Della Volpe, E. Delmeire, P. Denes, F. DeNotaristefani, A. De Salvo, M. Diemoz, M. Dierckxsens, D. Van Dierendonck, C. Dionisi

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Final results of the search for the standard model Higgs boson are presented for the data collected by the L3 detector at LEP at centre-of-mass energies up to about 209 GeV. These data are compared with the expectations of standard model processes for Higgs boson masses up to 120 GeV. A lower limit on the mass of the standard model Higgs boson of 112.0 GeV is set at the 95% confidence level. The most significant high mass candidate is a Hvv̄ event. It has a reconstructed Higgs mass of 115 GeV and it was recorded at √s = 206.4 GeV.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)319-331
Number of pages13
JournalPhysics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics
Issue number3-4
StatePublished - 4 Oct 2001


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