Site-controlled self-assembled InAs quantum dots grown on GaAs substrates

Shih Yen Lin, Chi Che Tseng, Tung Hsun Chung, Wen Hsuan Liao, Shu Han Chen, Jen Inn Chyi

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Atomically-flat surfaces are obtained after thin GaAsSb buffer layer growth on GaAs substrates with regular-distributed nano-holes formed after oxide desorption of the local atomic-force-microscopy anode oxidation. Different from the samples with GaAsSb buffer layers, increasing surface root-mean-square roughness is observed for the GaAs-buffered samples with increasing GaAs buffer layer thickness. The phenomenon is attributed to the enhanced adatom migration resulting from the incorporation of Sb atoms. By using the substrates with nano-holes after buffer layer growth, site-controlled self-assembled InAs quantum dots (QDs) are observed with the deposition of a below-critical- thickness InAs coverage of 1.3 monolayer (ML).

Original languageEnglish
Article number295304
Issue number29
StatePublished - 2010


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