Scaling properties in bulk and pT-dependent particle production near midrapidity in relativistic heavy ion collisions

B. Alver, B. B. Back, M. D. Baker, M. Ballintijn, D. S. Barton, R. R. Betts, R. Bindel, W. Busza, Z. Chai, V. Chetluru, E. García, T. Gburek, K. Gulbrandsen, J. Hamblen, I. Harnarine, C. Henderson, D. J. Hofman, R. S. Hollis, R. Hołyński, B. HolzmanA. Iordanova, J. L. Kane, P. Kulinich, C. M. Kuo, W. Li, W. T. Lin, C. Loizides, S. Manly, A. C. Mignerey, R. Nouicer, A. Olszewski, R. Pak, C. Reed, E. Richardson, C. Roland, G. Roland, J. Sagerer, I. Sedykh, C. E. Smith, M. A. Stankiewicz, P. Steinberg, G. S.F. Stephans, A. Sukhanov, A. Szostak, M. B. Tonjes, A. Trzupek, G. J.Van Nieuwenhuizen, S. S. Vaurynovich, R. Verdier, G. Veres, P. Walters, E. Wenger, D. Willhelm, F. L.H. Wolfs, B. Wosiek, K. Woniak, S. Wyngaardt, B. Wysłouch

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The centrality dependence of the midrapidity charged-particle multiplicity density (|η|<1) is presented for Au+Au and Cu+Cu collisions at RHIC over a broad range of collision energies. The multiplicity measured in the Cu+Cu system is found to be similar to that measured in the Au+Au system, for an equivalent Npart, with the observed factorization in energy and centrality still persistent in the smaller Cu+Cu system. The extent of the similarities observed for bulk particle production is tested by a comparative analysis of the inclusive transverse momentum distributions for Au+Au and Cu+Cu collisions near midrapidity. It is found that, within the uncertainties of the data, the ratio of yields between the various energies for both Au+Au and Cu+Cu systems are similar and constant with centrality, both in the bulk yields and as a function of pT, up to at least 4 GeV/c. The effects of multiple nucleon collisions that strongly increase with centrality and energy appear to only play a minor role in bulk and intermediate transverse momentum particle production.

Original languageEnglish
Article number011901
JournalPhysical Review C - Nuclear Physics
Issue number1
StatePublished - 6 Aug 2009


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