Production of single W bosons at LEP and measurement of WWγ gauge coupling parameters

P. Achard, O. Adriani, M. Aguilar-Benitez, J. Alcaraz, G. Alemanni, J. Allaby, A. Aloisio, M. G. Alviggi, H. Anderhub, V. P. Andreev, F. Anselmo, A. Arefiev, T. Azemoon, T. Aziz, P. Bagnaia, A. Bajo, G. Baksay, L. Baksay, S. V. Baldew, S. BanerjeeSw Banerjee, A. Barczyk, R. Barillère, P. Bartalini, M. Basile, N. Batalova, R. Battiston, A. Bay, F. Becattini, U. Becker, F. Behner, L. Bellucci, R. Berbeco, J. Berdugo, P. Berges, B. Bertucci, B. L. Betev, M. Biasini, M. Biglietti, A. Biland, J. J. Blaising, S. C. Blyth, G. J. Bobbink, A. Böhm, L. Boldizsar, B. Borgia, S. Bottai, D. Bourilkov, M. Bourquin, S. Braccini, J. G. Branson, F. Brochu, J. D. Burger, W. J. Burger, X. D. Cai, M. Capell, G. Cara Romeo, G. Carlino, A. Cartacci, J. Casaus, F. Cavallari, N. Cavallo, C. Cecchi, M. Cerrada, M. Chamizo, Y. H. Chang, M. Chemarin, A. Chen, G. Chen, G. M. Chen, H. F. Chen, H. S. Chen, G. Chiefari, L. Cifarelli, F. Cindolo, I. Clare, R. Clare, G. Coignet, N. Colino, S. Costantini, B. De la Cruz, S. Cucciarelli, J. A. Van Dalen, R. De Asmundis, P. Déglon, J. Debreczeni, A. Degré, K. Dehmelt, K. Deiters, D. Della Volpe, E. Delmeire, P. Denes, F. DeNotaristefani, A. De Salvo, M. Diemoz, M. Dierckxsens, C. Dionisi, M. Dittmar

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Single W boson production in electron-positron collisions is studied with the L3 detector at centre-of-mass energies between 192 GeV and 209 GeV. Events with two acoplanar hadronic jets or a single energetic lepton are selected, and the single W cross section is measured. Combining the results with measurements at lower centre-of-mass energies, the ratio of the measured cross section to the Standard Model expectation is found to be 1.12 -0.10 +0.11 ± 0.03. From all single W data, the WWγ gauge coupling parameter κγ is measured to be 1.116 -0.086 +0.082 ± 0.068.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)151-163
Number of pages13
JournalPhysics Letters, Section B: Nuclear, Elementary Particle and High-Energy Physics
Issue number3-4
StatePublished - 7 Nov 2002


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