Observer synthesis of nonlinear interconnected systems by constrained Riccati approach

C. F. Cheng, W. J. Wang, Y. P. Lin

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This paper provides a method for observer synthesis of interconnected systems with nonlinearities in subsystems and interconnection terms, which satisfy the Lipschitz-type conditions instead of any matching conditions. A new observer scheme is proposed under a local observability assumption, and the respective observer gains are obtained through Riccati equations with linear constraints. Solvability conditions for such a Constrained Riccati Problem (CRP) are derived, and a systematic procedure for obtaining the solution of a constrained Riccati equation is presented. Furthermore, the relationship between tolerable Lipschitz constants of the modeling nonlinearities and observer gains is established.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)1275-1295
Number of pages21
JournalControl, theory and advanced technology
Issue number4 pt 3
StatePublished - Sep 1995


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