Ni Nanoparticles Supported on Cage-Type Mesoporous Silica for CO2 Hydrogenation with High CH4 Selectivity

Canggih Setya Budi, Hung Chi Wu, Ching Shiun Chen, Diganta Saikia, Hsien Ming Kao

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Ni nanoparticles (around 4 nm diameter) were successfully supported on cage-type mesoporous silica SBA-16 (denoted as Ni@SBA-16) via wet impregnation at pH 9, followed by the calcination-reduction process. The Ni@SBA-16 catalyst with a very high Ni loading amount (22.9 wt %) exhibited exceptionally high CH4 selectivity for CO2 hydrogenation. At a nearly identical loading amount, the Ni@SBA-16 catalysts with smaller particle size of Ni NPs surprisingly exhibited a higher catalytic activity of CO2 hydrogenation and also led to a higher selectivity on CH4 formation than the Ni@SiO2 catalysts. This enhanced activity of the Ni@SBA-16 catalyst is suggested to be an accumulative result of the advantageous structural properties of the support SBA-16 and the well confined Ni NPs within the support; both induced a favorable reaction pathway for high selectivity of CH4 in CO2 hydrogenation.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2326-2331
Number of pages6
Issue number17
StatePublished - 8 Sep 2016


  • carbon dioxide
  • hydrogenation
  • mesoporous silica
  • methane selectivity
  • nickel


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