Mobility-aware on-demand global hosts for ad-hoc multicast

Chia Cheng Hu, Eric Hsiao Kuang Wu, Gen Huey Chen, Chiang Jui-Hao

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Recent routing protocols and multicast protocols in large-scale mobile ad-hoc networks (MANETs) adopt two-tier infrastructures to avoid the in-efficiency of the flooding. Hosts with a maximal number of neighbors are often chosen as backbone hosts (BHs) to forward packets. Most likely, these BHs will be traffic concentrations/ bottlenecks of the network. In addition, since host mobility is not taken into consideration in selecting BHs, these two-tier schemes will suffer from more lost packets if highly mobile hosts are selected as BHs. In this paper, a new multicast protocol is proposed for multicast services in a large-scale MANET. In the proposed protocol, hosts with fewer hops and longer remaining connection time to the other hosts will be selected as BHs. The objective is not only to obtain short multicast routes, but also to construct a stable two-tier infrastructure with fewer lost packets.


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