Metallomesogens derived from benzoxazoles-salicylaldimine conjugates

Chun Jung Chen, I. Wen Wang, Hwo Shuenn Sheu, Gene Hsiang Lee, Chung K. Lai

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The synthesis, characterization, and mesomorphic properties of a new series of Schiff bases 2a-h and metal complexes 1a-h-M are prepared and their mesomorphic properties studied. Two single crystallographic structures of 2d (n=12, m=1) and 1g-Pd (n=m=12) were determined by X-ray analysis. Both compounds crystallize in a triclinic space group P-1. A dimeric structure formed by intermolecular H-bonds in 2d was observed, giving nematic phase due to a better aspect ratio. The central geometry at Pd2+ ion is nearly perfect square plane. All Schiff bases 2a-h formed N or/and SmC phases. The formation of mesophases of complexes 1a-h-M was strongly dependent on metal ions incorporated. All Cu2+, Ni2+ and Pd2+ complexes exhibited N or/and SmC phase, respectively. However, Zn2+ and Co2+ complexes were not mesogenic. The lack of mesomorphism was probably attributed to a preferred tetrahedral geometry at Zn2+ and Co2+ over a square-planar geometry at Cu2+ and Pd 2+.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)8120-8130
Number of pages11
Issue number42
StatePublished - 21 Oct 2011


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