Mechanical Properties of High-Strength Pervious Concrete with Steel Fiber or Glass Fiber

Ming Gin Lee, Wei Chien Wang, Yung Chih Wang, Yi Cheng Hsieh, Yung Chih Lin

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Pervious concrete (also called porous concrete) is one of the most promising sustainable and green building materials today. This study examined high-strength pervious concrete and ordinary-strength pervious concrete reinforced with steel fiber or glass fiber. A total of fifteen mixtures of normal-and high-strength pervious concretes with steel fiber or glass fiber were used. The goal of high-strength pervious concrete is that the 28-day compressive strength be above 42 MPa and the porosity be as close to 15% as possible to achieve technical specifications. Both normal-and high-strength pervious concretes reinforced with steel fiber (1%, 2%) or glass fiber (0.25%, 0.5%) were investigated in water permeability, porosity, compressive strength, flexural strength, elastic modulus, and toughness tests. The test results show that in both high-strength pervious concrete and ordinary pervious concrete with steel fibers added, the porosity and permeability coefficient are increased compared with the control group. The coefficient of permeability for high-strength, fiber-reinforced pervious concretes with two aggregate sizes meets the requirements of the ACI specification for structural concrete. In addition, the high-strength pervious concrete specimen H1-S2 (2% steel fiber) has the highest compressive strength of 52.8 MPa at the age of 28 days. The flexural strength of pervious concrete also increases with age. However, the flexural strength of fiber-reinforced pervious concrete did not follow this trend due to the large variation in the quality control of different fiber mixtures. However, both steel fiber and glass fiber have a certain degree of improvement in the flexural toughness, and the effect is better with steel fiber. After the flexural strength reaches the peak value, there is still about 30% of the bearing capacity, and it gradually decreases until it is completely destroyed.

Original languageEnglish
Article number620
Issue number5
StatePublished - May 2022


  • elastic modulus
  • glass fiber
  • pervious concrete
  • steel fiber
  • strength


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