Magnetic Property Enhancement of Melt Spun YCo5 Ribbons by Fe and C Doping

H. W. Chang, W. C. Ou, Y. I. Lee, C. W. Shih, W. C. Chang, C. C. Yang, C. C. Shaw

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Magnetic properties and microstructure of melt spun YCo5-x-yFexCy (x = 0 -0.3 and y = 0 -0.3) ribbons are studied. Magnetic properties of YCo5 ribbons (iHc = 144 kA/m and (BH) = 16.8 kJ/m3 are slightly improved to iHc = 160-224 kA/m and (BH) = 21.6 -27.2 kJ/m3 by Fe-doping, and are increased to iHc = 560-1128 kA/m and (BH) = 42.4 -51.2 kJ/m3 by C-doping, respectively. Most interestingly, the optimal (BH) of 72.8 kJ/m3 with high iHc of 1200 kA/m achieved for Fe and C-co-doped YCo4.6Fe0.3C0.3 ribbons is the highest value in Y-Co alloy ribbons ever reported. The structural and thermo-magnetic analysis confirm that Fe and C enter the YCo5 (5:1) crystal structure and lead to the increase of Curie temperature. Besides, C-doping uniformly refines grain size and, therefore, improves the squareness of demagnetization curve and (BH). The formation of YCo, Fe)5Cx phase and the microstructure refinement are the main reasons to result in the enhancement of hard magnetic properties for the YCo4.4Fe0.3C0.3 ribbons. The presented results suggest that the YCo5 ribbons optimized by co-doping with Fe and C are promising candidate materials for making bonded magnets.

Original languageEnglish
Article number7932902
JournalIEEE Transactions on Magnetics
Issue number11
StatePublished - Nov 2017


  • Fe and C doping effect
  • melt spun YCo5 ribbon
  • permanent magnetic materials


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