Low-resistance smooth-surface Ti/Al/Cr/Mo/Au n -type Ohmic contact to AlGaN/GaN heterostructures

Yung Ling Lan, Hung Cheng Lin, Hsueh Hsing Liu, Geng Yen Lee, Fan Ren, Stephen J. Pearton, Mao Nan Chang, Jen Inn Chyi

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A comparative study of the specific contact resistivity and surface morphology of Ti/Al/Ni/Au, Ti/Cr/Mo/Au, and Ti/Al/Cr/Mo/Au metal contact stacks on AlGaN/GaN heterostructures is reported. Compared to the conventional Ti/Al/Ni/Au contact, the Ti/Al/Cr/Mo/Au contact has much smoother surface and achieves minimum specific contact resistivity of 1.1× 10-6 cm2. This contact maintains its low contact resistivity after storage at 200 °C for 100 h in N2. The robustness of this contact is attributed to the Cr and Mo layers, which suppress the formation of Al-Au alloys in the contact stack.

Original languageEnglish
Article number243502
JournalApplied Physics Letters
Issue number24
StatePublished - 2009


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