Hard magnetic property enhancement of Co7Hf-based ribbons by boron doping

H. W. Chang, M. C. Liao, C. W. Shih, W. C. Chang, C. C. Yang, C. H. Hsiao, H. Ouyang

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Hard magnetic property enhancement of melt spun Co88Hf12 ribbons by boron doping is demonstrated. B-doping could not only remarkably enhance the magnetic properties from energy product ((BH)max) of 2.6 MGOe and intrinsic coercivity (iHc) of 1.5 kOe for B-free Co88Hf12 ribbons to (BH)max = 7.7 MGOe and iHc = 3.1 kOe for Co85Hf12B3 ribbons but also improve the Curie temperature (TC) of 7:1 phase. The (BH)max value achieved in Co85Hf12B3 ribbons is the highest in Co-Hf alloy ribbons ever reported, which is about 15% higher than that of Co11Hf2B ribbons spun at 16 m/s [M. A. McGuire, O. Rios, N. J. Ghimire, and M. Koehler, Appl. Phys. Lett. 101, 202401 (2012)]. The structural analysis confirms that B enters the orthorhombic Co7Hf (7:1) crystal structure as interstitial atoms, forming Co7HfBx, in the as-spun state. Yet B may diffuse out from the 7:1 phase after post-annealing, leading to the reduction of Curie temperature and the magnetic properties. The uniformly refined microstructure with B-doping results in high remanence (Br) and improves the squareness of demagnetization curve. The formation of interstitial-atom-modified Co7HfBx phase and the microstructure refinement are the main reasons to give rise to the enhancement of hard magnetic properties in the B-containing Co7Hf-based ribbons.

Original languageEnglish
Article number192404
JournalApplied Physics Letters
Issue number19
StatePublished - 10 Nov 2014


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