GaN-based mini-LED matrix applied to multi-functional forward lighting

Quang Khoi Nguyen, Yi Jou Lin, Ching Sun, Xuan Hao Lee, Shih Kang Lin, Chi Shou Wu, Tsung Hsun Yang, Tian Li Wu, Tsung Xian Lee, Chao Hsin Chien, Yeh Wei Yu, Ching Cherng Sun

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In this paper, we propose and demonstrate to use of a single reflector with 68 segments to project vehicle low beam and high beam with the use of a GaN-based mini-LED matrix, which is a 5 × 6 LED die array. The design of the reflector is based on light field technology in considering etendue from the light source across the segments. The group of the segments with smaller etendue from the LED dies in the bottom 2 rows are used to project low beams. When the other LED dies are turned on, the reflector will project light upward and form the high beam. The selection of the turn-on LED dies in the mini-LED matrix can adjust the width of the illumination pattern so that an adaptive low/high beam can be performed. Besides, to extend the functionality of the headlamp module, we propose to dispense IR phosphor on LED dies in the high-beam zone of the GaN-based mini-LED matrix. Thus the vehicle can emit IR high beam, which can be imaged through a camera and can be incorporated with machine vision for an autonomous vehicle without using a complicated adaptive headlight to avoid glare. The proposed multi-function in spatial and spectral domains will be helpful to various applications with use of a mini-LED matrix.

Original languageEnglish
Article number6444
JournalScientific Reports
Issue number1
StatePublished - Dec 2022


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