Enhancing EFL learners' intercultural sensitivity through a cross-border writing instruction

Jun Chen Hsieh, Wen Chi Vivian Wu, Jie Chi Yang

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Language and culture are inseparable since individuals express themselves out of their cultural background, thus highlighting the importance of the cultural cultivation. Research has shown the positive effects of embedding foreign cultures in the writing process. However, intercultural competence is still not adequately reflected in current English as a foreign language (EFL) education. In addition, students feel demotivated to write in conventional writing courses, thus signifying an urgent call for innovation. As writing instructions that incorporate intercultural competence are insufficiently implemented, the current study, therefore, aimed to examine how EFL learners' intercultural sensitivity could be enhanced via the use of a cross-border writing instruction. A total of 44 sophomore English-majors in two required English Composition classes were respectively paired up with their American peers from a public liberal arts college. Data included students' responses to "Intercultural Sensitivity Scale" and focus-group interviews. The findings revealed positive affordances from the cross-border writing instruction, that pre-class activities (reading relevant materials, answering comprehension questions online, reviewing instructional videos) and online interaction with foreign peers enhanced the students' intercultural sensitivity. The participants held positive perceptions about the intercultural experience with foreign partners and such learning experience enhanced observation of the similarities as well as differences of diverse cultures.

Original languageEnglish
Title of host publicationICCE 2016 - 24th International Conference on Computers in Education
Subtitle of host publicationThink Global Act Local - Main Conference Proceedings
EditorsSu Luan Wong, Alba Garcia Barrera, Hiroyuki Mitsuhara, Gautam Biswas, Jiyou Jia, Jie-Chi Yang, Michelle P. Banawan, Muhammet Demirbilek, Matthew Gaydos, Chui-Pin Lin, Jin Gon Shon, Sridhar Iyer, Agneta Gulz, Chris Holden, Greg Kessler, Ma. Mercedes T. Rodrigo, Pratim Sengupta, Peppi Taalas, Weiqin Chen, Sahana Murthy, Beaumie Kim, Xavier Ochoa, Daner Sun, Nelson Baloian, Tore Hoel, Ulrich Hoppe, Ting-Chia Hsu, Agnes Kukulska-Hulme, Hui-Chun Chu, Xiaoqing Gu, Weiqin Chen, Jun Song Huang, Ming-Fong Jan, Lung-Hsiang Wong, Chengjiu Yin
PublisherAsia-Pacific Society for Computers in Education
Number of pages3
ISBN (Electronic)9789868473577
StatePublished - 2016
Event24th International Conference on Computers in Education, ICCE 2016 - Mumbai, India
Duration: 28 Nov 20162 Dec 2016

Publication series

NameICCE 2016 - 24th International Conference on Computers in Education: Think Global Act Local - Main Conference Proceedings


Conference24th International Conference on Computers in Education, ICCE 2016


  • Cross-border instruction
  • Intercultural sensitivity
  • Writing


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