Dynamic interpretation of transmission systems using advanced time-frequency representations

Min Chun Pan, Jeng Yi Huang

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This study aims at developing and implementing advanced time-frequency representation algorithms, i.e., the Choi-William distribution, and cone-shape distribution, based on the spectrograms and smoothed Wigner-Ville distributions, both to improve time- and frequency-resolutions, as compared with those produced using spectrogram only, and smooth interferences resulting from the use of the Wigner-Ville distribution. A transmission-component test rig was built up to investigate dynamic characteristics of the gearbox, belt set and electro-magnetic brake during different operating conditions. The experiments we ran highlighted the justification for applying these advanced schemes in dynamic-interpretation and condition-monitoring tasks relevant to mechanical systems, which conventional spectral analysis approaches cannot afford to do.


  • Dynamic interpretation
  • Signal processing
  • Time-frequency representation
  • Transmission system


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