Design and evaluation of aspherical microlens module for high speed data transmission

Chun Lin Tien, Yan Nan Lin, Wen Shing Sun, Tsai Wei Lin, Chen Sheng Lin, Zheng Yang Zhang

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An optimized design and evaluation method for an aspherical microlens module was presented for the Intel Light Peak technology. The proposed microlens module can be used for high-speed data transmission via a multi-mode GGP fiber. The aspherical microlens has a small diameter about 800 μm and a numerical aperture of 0.275. By the optical softwares of Code V and LightTools, the effect of fabrication and assembly tolerances of the microlens module on the coupling efficiency was investigated, and some factors related to the optical coupling loss were also considered. After optimization design of the module, an optical coupling loss of -0.75 dB was obtained. Finally, the comparison between the spherical and aspherical microlenses for the optical performance was evaluated.

Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)2271-2276
Number of pages6
JournalGuangxue Jingmi Gongcheng/Optics and Precision Engineering
Issue number9
StatePublished - Sep 2011


  • Aspherical microlens
  • Coupling efficiency
  • Multi-mode fiber
  • Numerical aperture
  • Optical design
  • Tolerance analysis


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