Band alignment tuning of InAs quantum dots with a thin AlGaAsSb capping layer

Yu An Liao, Wei Ting Hsu, Shih Han Huang, Pei Chin Chiu, Jen Inn Chyi, Wen Hao Chang

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We investigate the optical properties of InAs quantum dots (QDs) capped with a thin AlxGa1-xAsSb layer. As evidenced from power-dependent and time-resolved photoluminescence (PL) measurements, the GaAsSb-capped QDs with type-II band alignment can be changed to type-I by adding Al into the GaAsSb capping layer. The evolution of band alignment with the Al content in the AlGaAsSb capping layer has also been confirmed by theoretical calculations based on 8-band k p model. The PL thermal stability and the room temperature PL efficiency are also improved by AlGaAsSb capping. We demonstrate that using the quaternary AlGaAsSb can take the advantages of GaAsSb capping layer on the InAs QDs while retaining a type-I band alignment for applications in long-wavelength light emitters.

Original languageEnglish
Article number173104
JournalApplied Physics Letters
Issue number17
StatePublished - 29 Apr 2013


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