VLSI Circuit Design for Optically-Isolated Sensor/Driver 研究計畫書

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With the fermentation of environmental protection and energy conservation issues, energy conservation technology is currently one of the important research and development topics. Power Management Unit (PMU) is playing an indispensable and key role. Power management ICs are mainly used in different systems. Under operating conditions, control and maintain proper current and voltage supply in the system at any time. Taking environmental protection and green energy, energy saving and carbon reduction, industrial control and electric vehicle applications as examples, the demand for power management units with the introduction of digital processing technology is very high, so the voltage and current sensing circuit and the Power MOSFET gate driving circuit play an extremely important role. The goal of this project is to study the chip design of the voltage/current detection circuit and the power device driving circuit which are between the core power device and the power management control IC. The cooperative enterprise has rich professional technical advantages in photoelectric coupling circuit, and will provide photoelectric coupling pair (LED/Photo Diode pair) and related technical support to jointly complete the chip circuit design, tap out and verification test.
Effective start/end date1/01/2231/12/24


  • Optically-Isolated Sensor/Driver
  • voltage/current sensing circuit
  • clock dat recovery (CDR)
  • Delta-Sigma Modulator (DSM)
  • Analog to Digital Converter (ADC)


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