To Investigate whether the adding of questioning and field study could improve the learning in philosophical class

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How could one learn philosophy? How could philosophy be taught? In contrast to other visible things and works of art, what would be the objects and material of philosophy? It's the invisible thought! Like other disciplines which need to make use of numerals, diagrams, images, formulas, and signs to operate, the thing that makes the invisible thoughts visible is the symbol; and the symbols used by philosophy are language and words. How could a student know that he/she really understands the messages transmitted by a philosopher's words? And how could I, as a teacher, make sure that the students really grasp the contents of the text? How could we make the invisible thinking process concrete and become a testable object to do the communication of thinking and interchange of meanings? Facing every student from diverse disciplines, how could we promote students' interest in philosophy and the willingness to philosophize is always a challenge for philosophical teaching. I try to explore whether the adding of the requirement of questioning and field study could improve the learning of students, by adjusting the design of teaching activities.
Effective start/end date1/08/2231/07/23


  • Method of Questioning
  • Field study
  • Reflective writing
  • Philosophizing


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