The Research about Emperor and Crown Prince Study of Classics Education Etiquette from Han Dynasty to Sui Dynasty.

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This project is expected to discuss the study of Confucian classics Etiquette from Han dynasty to Suidynasty emperor and the Crown Prince,it is based on the three steps and several aspects of learning semester 、theceremony of learning accomplishment and finish learning then keep studying.First of all,professors and learning partnership, most scholar mainly think that Taizi Taifu, and TaiziShaufu take responsibility for it, but in fact , during the Western and Eastern Han dynasties to the sui , peoplewho take responsibility for classics education are those court officials who takes part in some occupation intoteaching , there are a little change that can’t be described.Second, the age of learning and teaching materials, since it is said that classics education, materialsseem to have been fixed, and does not need to say much. But books order learners of different ages learn why?of different dynasties of the five classics are there different emphasis? is carefully one can see it's aboutsituations.Third, education ceremonies, in addition to the simple instrument section of the Endowment ceremony,clarify lectures, primarily release drink have different ramifications and relationship between lecture andrelease drink.Fourth, lecture meetings, relating to the classics lecture meetings are divided into two kinds, one isbecause the release drink courtesy of, other is usually called. Former as the young emperor and the CrownPrince came to an end the examination ceremony, set in various positions to the lecture is responsible fordifferent tasks, and have a fixed program. The latter is usually held to discuss the meaning. Either lecturemeeting, messengers will find the book has a very high concentration, are dominated by the book of filialpiety, especially release drink the lecture meeting, is no exception.Fifth, place of education, at that time new Yong, the Central Government established the actual situationto explain this period young emperor and Crown Prince, as well as a venue for education ceremonies, whywould often change, and the pre-Qin Confucian scholars compare that ideal picture in the book to see if itchanges.Sixth, against a number of related issues, such as professors and accompany the learner's treatment,classics education outcomes assessment, supplemented by other deals.
Effective start/end date1/08/1731/07/18

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  • Han
  • Sui
  • Emperor
  • Prince
  • Classics education
  • Etiquette


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