The Next Generation Stringnet Lexico-Grammatical Language Model: Resources for Discovering and Applying Grammatical Construction Knowledge

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Second language learners and teachers traditionally have had dictionaries and grammars as their most common sources of language knowledge. These two resources, however, leave a huge gap between them; they fail to cover the massive territory of semi-productive, lexico-grammatical patterns that pervade mature language users’ grasp of language. The proposed 3-year project is an extension of a larger, long-term effort to fill this gap. This larger effort has two major stages: (1) creating knowledge resources that cover this gap, and (2) enhancing the accessibility of these resources for easy use by situated learners and teachers. The Principal Investigator’s work in recent years has largely addressed the first stage, resulting in the creation of a massive and widely used lexicogrammatical knowledgebase of English called StringNet. The present proposal now aims to build on that work to enter the second stage, addressing the problem of accessibility to make content of that knowledgebase even more accessible and relevant to learners, teachers and materials writers.The present proposal focuses on this second stage of accessibility by pursuing three inter-related threads of work: (a) refining the StringNet knowledgebase itself; (b) creating digital tools for learners that exploit StringNet to detect and highlight lexicogrammatical patterns for users within digital environments of their choice where they read (e.g., webpages) and write (e.g., Word documents); (c) creating digital tools for educators that allow them to take results from (b) and further create scaffolds for their learners by filtering those findings and selecting and annotating the patterns they deem noteworthy for their learners and then to archive such texts and patterns for reuse.
Effective start/end date1/08/1631/07/17

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