The Fathomless Absolute: the Religious-Philosophical Tracing-Back of Heidegger$S Ontology(1/3)

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Following my serial studies of exploring to the sources of Heidegger’s thought, this project tries toexamine the religious aspect and its sources of Heidegger’s thought. By examining Heidegger’s mysticalquestion of Being, this study endeavors to make a relevant comparison between it and master Erckhart’s andCusanus’ (Nikolaus of Cusa’s) view of God.The former identifies God with Being and Nothingness, respectively. The seemingly paradoxicalstatement that God is Being and at the same Nothingness in fact expresses an insight, namely, that Godcannot be put on the bar with anything and cannot be hypostatized or reified. We could experience God onlyif God were disembodied. The latter regards God as the Absolute that is incomparable with any other thing,likewise. From the epistemological perspective Cusanus explains that knowledge results from differences andcontractions based on comparison among things, while such differences and contractions would disappear inthe Absolute. Cusanus’s statements are beyond logic and hence cannot be analyzed by logic; this absoluteindistinguishableness articulates God’s inexplicability.Heidegger also identifies Being and Nothingness and his description of Being as Nothingness happensto agree completely with Eckhart’s view of God as Being and Nothing. Heidegger’s conception of Being isanalogus to Cusanus’s view of God: Being is also incomparable and incomprehensible, for Being can beequitable with concrete things in no way. Heidegger obviously approaches his “God” via the detour of Being.What his ontological difference between Being and beings really wants to express is the absolute distinctionof God from His creatures. Heidegger’s fundamental ontology is fully tinged with theological idea at bottomso that his mystification of Being could only be made clear by the numinous vision of God.
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