The Development and Challenge of Hakka Languages in Taiwan and Malaysia(2/2)

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Hakka people in Taiwan and Southeast Asia have different challenge in the continuity of language. They have to face the breakdown of Hakka language in acontact environment. In this situation# the remaking and recreation of Hakka languages is important issue value to discuss. Our project compare Hakka dialects in different area# research the phenomenon of merge together and code switch in multiple languages use area. Language change in different time and space is nature# but Hakka migrationstook their languages to different area might have a comparison foundation for us to do the research about Hakka language remaking and recreation. In this project# Taiwan and Malaysia is the choice to do the comparison. How the Hakka languages differ from their original? Different environment# different social# different culture must cause language change. Therefore# the aim of this project attempts to look for the mechanism of language change in different area.We will research the different development model of Hakka language in Taiwan and Malaysia by cooperation with other research of projectsincludes the Hakka social in Malaysia# the Hakka culture in Malaysia# the Hakka identity in Malaysia# the Hakka ethnic networks and business in Malaysia# the Hakka beliefs in Malaysia etc. The various factors caused Hakka language change. It needs to do more detail research to analyze the different development model in Taiwan and Malaysia. And# the most important is through this comparison to raise a suggestion about language policy for Taiwan government.
Effective start/end date1/01/1631/12/16

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  • Hakka language# Language contact# Dialects comparison# Social linguistics# Multicultural


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