The Application and Research for MoE Education Big Data

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With the coming of 4G and BIG DATA era, the effects of increased ability of internet of students, teachers, and the public, the popularity of various kinds of online equipment, and the maturity of Web 2.0 skills, the Education Cloud of Ministry of Education (MOE) has been progressively emerging with the characteristics of large quantity, swiftness, and diversification of information education big data. This has made the currently familiarized methods of statistical learning and data mining of all departments of MOE, such as news briefing, artificial retrieving and synthesizing information, and personnel experience judgment, unable to efficaciously analyze the education big data of information teaching and learning that rapidly accumulate. The appearance of information education big data from Education Cloud is just right to assist users to have brand-new analytical steps and logical thinking so that, while facing such digital information accumulation trend, composedly extract information of valuable managing, and teaching and learning feedback from such information education big data mighty torrent. The present proposal is to aim for “Application and Research of Big Data of Education Cloud by Ministry of Education”. The main purpose is to, in the big digital data base of Education Market of Education Cloud, use BIG DATA core architecture and techniques to analyze the learning background of the individual learners. Furthermore, through various kinds of quantitative learning and data exploration methods, the learning condition of the individual learners was also discovered. However, whether the applying condition of Education Cloud is suitable for every user or not is still unknown. To make Education Cloud more suitable for teachers, students, people in the community as well as the related groups on learning, it was planned to use BIG DATA core architecture and technical tools to make Education Cloud more suitable for every learner of all communities.
Effective start/end date1/04/1530/09/15


  • Big data analysis
  • Education Cloud
  • Education Market


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