The 2nd Talent Cultivation Project for Digital Humanities - Executive Office

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Based on the conceptual framework of "Digital Humanities", it integrates the characteristics of digital technology and the essence of human society, explores the literacy, methods and connotations of digital humanities integration, and constructs a "Digital Humanities Paradigm"; <Digital Humanities Young Scholars> community, together with the study activities of <Digital Humanities Research Workshop>, <Digital Humanities Youth Banquet> cross-school community gathering, and <Digital Humanities Network> resource platform to guide students to use digital technology and quantitative analysis Technology strengthens the essence of humanities and social sciences, and plans <Digital Humanities International Exhibition>, top-notch outstanding young scholars. The plan hopes to cultivate digital humanistic innovative talents with keen humanistic perception, human and social analysis, international outlook, and competitiveness in scientific and technological knowledge. Rooted in the humanities foundation, creating new interpretation perspectives and innovative research methods in the field of humanities and social sciences, linking teachers' academic research and teaching practice, strengthening students' ability to study and research and competitiveness in the job market, and linking industries related to humanities collections, circulation, and performances, The dual output of the value and output value of cultural assets and innovative talents will be created, and the results will be displayed in the "Digital Humanities Gathering - Teacher-Student Achievement Presentation Conference and Teaching Seminar".
Effective start/end date1/08/2231/07/23


  • Digital Humanities


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