Tainan Formation and Tainan Surface – a Revisit

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Geological evidences are preserved in strata. If we like to study Holocene geological disturbances and paleo-earthquakes, we must study Holocene strata at first. The Tainan Formation is a marine sedimentary sequence with Holocene sediments as thick as 130 meters. This probably is one of the thickest Holocene marine strata on the land and in the world. Holocene sediments in southwestern Taiwan are thick, and crustal deformation rate as well as seismicity is high. The tectonic deformations and paleo-earthquakes are easily recorded in these high-resolution strata. This project is going to review the Tainan Formation and related tectonic deformations. A unique example of Holocene rapid sedimentation and tectonic deformation will be prepared in this project for later publication. The results are also good for further paleo-earthquake study and seismic hazard assessment in this region.The land surface formed from the top surface of the Tainan Formation is called Tainan geomorphic surface or the Tainan Surface. The top surface of the Tainan Formation is not keeping original horizontality now. Instead of this, it is deformed and uplifted with anticlines and synclines. At some highlands, it has been uplifted to elevation more than 30 meters. The geometry of the present Tainan Surface may display the uplifting and deformation since the formation of the geomorphic surface at about 3 Ka. This project will make clear the definition, the distribution, and the sub-strata of Tainan Surface, and perform geometric analysis and tectonic analysis of the geomorphic surface, so that an academic article can be prepared.
Effective start/end date1/08/1831/07/19

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  • Tainan Formation
  • Tainan Surface
  • Holocene Tectonics


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