Subjectivit? Postmoderne Et Singularit? Deleuzienne: Etude Critique De La Forme Subjective Contemporaine

  • Frank, Muyard (PI)

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This project aims to deepen the critical study of the transformation of the individual under conditions of modernity and postmodernity. Since the 1970s, many authors have suggested that a new postmodern subjectivity is breaking from the way the subject was conceived and constructed by modernity as originating in the Enlightenment. But few attempts have been made to define and detail what this postmodern subjectivity entails and how it may be elaborated. To answer that need, the project focuses on a theoretical and critical analysis of the postmodern subject based on Gilles Deleuze's conceptualization of the process of subjectivation. A preliminary study of Deleuze's writings suggests that his analysis of the subject is located at the junction of his philosophical enquiry and his socio-political thought. Throughout his work, Deleuze questions the modern figure of the subject, develops a critical assessment of the change in the contemporary individual, and suggests new ways of subjectivation through the concepts of singularity, haecceity, dividual, becoming, and rhizome, which offer a rich ground for mapping the complexities and inner logic of the postmodern forms of the subject. With Deleuze's philosophy increasingly recognized worldwide, analyses of his works often discuss ontology issues but too rarely emphasize his analysis of the individual and subjectivity, and Deleuze's concepts of subjectivation and singularity remain understudied in relation to the new figure of subjectivity developing under postmodern conditions.This research project thus focuses on the contemporary subjectivity as analyzed and elaborated by Deleuze. It highlights the significance of this issue in Deleuze's philosophy and positions his analysis as a major conceptual breakthrough and a key to the theorization of the postmodern figure of subjectivity. It also sketches the potential positivity of the postmodern subjectivity, following Deleuze and Foucault's objective to open up new ways of being a subject that push forward the limits of freedom, in a time of extreme social pressure on the individual to renounce his/her full agency and reflexivity.
Effective start/end date1/08/2031/07/22


  • Deleuze
  • contemporary French philosophy
  • subjectivity
  • individual
  • modernity
  • postmodernity
  • singularity


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