Study on the Types of Yijing Learning in the Yuan Dynasty II to Discuss the The Meaning Elaboration of Homage to Cheng Yi Sect of Stylistic Rules of the Collected Annotations on Yijing

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The Yijing learning in the Yuan dynasty follows the Yijing learning in theSong dynasty, and has new developments. On the whole, the main trend in the Yuandynasty is following Cheng and Zhu. They may follow Cheng’s Yijing learning, orfollow Zhu’s, or understand thoroughly Cheng and Zhu’s studies. Even they focus ofattention in the studies of books, they also do not digress from Zhu’s Yijing learning,because Zhu Xi focus of attention in the studies of books, too. An overview of thestudies of Yijing Studies in the Sony dynasty, Zhu Xi produces the most importanteffect on the Yijing learning of the Yuan dynasty. In the academic community, we payattention to do research about the Song, Ming, and Ching’s Yijing studies more thanYuan’s. In view of this, this plan will be subject to the specialist's Yijing studies in theYuan dynasty, and according to their peculiarities to classify. It will spend three years.Besides the three types in this plan, I think that there are more types of the specialist'sYijing studies in the Yuan dynasty. There are round-up of the Yijing, based on Zhu Xi’sYijing learning to make their own opinion, and the studies of books of Yijing. This plan is devoted to three types of research: 1. Following the Zhouyibenyi, and makingexplanatory notes on Yijing. 2. Following Cheng’s Yijing learning, and makingexplanatory notes on Yijing. 3. taking the middle road between Cheng and Zhu’sYijing studies, and making explanatory notes on Yijing. Last year, the plan willinvestigate that following the Zhouyibenyi, and making explanatory notes on Yijing. Itwill focus on Hu Bing Wen’s Zhouyibenyitongshi, and Xiong Liang Fu’sZhouyibenyijicheng. It’ll discuss Hu Bing Wen and Xiong Liang Fu how to explainand add Zhu Xi’s Zhouyibenyi. This year, the plan will investigate that followingCheng’s Yijing learning, and making explanatory notes on Yijing. It will focus on LiJian’s Xueyiji and Hu Zhen’s Zhouyiyanyi. It’ll observe on Li Jian and Hu Zhen’sYijing learning, and how to follow and progress Yi Chuan’s learning. By this plan, Ihope that we can sketch the contours of the development of the Yijing studies in theYuan dynasty, and make a suitable estimate of it.
Effective start/end date1/08/1731/07/18

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  • Yuan Dynasty
  • Yijing
  • Cheng Yi
  • Li Jian
  • Hu Zhen


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