Study on the Loaded Tooth Contact Analysis Model and Flank Modification for Multi-Stage Differential Planetary Gear Drives(3/3)

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Multi-stage differential planetary gear drives have the advantage of high power density and therefore aresuitable to apply in high gear ration transmission for heavy duty or lightweight requirements. However, it isnot easy to grasp the contact stress characteristics of the engaged flanks under the influences of thedeformation and errors of the relevant components, because of the complex structure of the drives.Following the research results of the previous project on the single stage of spur planetary gear drives,such as load analysis, influence analysis of errors, flank modification and experimental validation, thisthree-years-project will focus on development of a computerized loaded tooth contact analysis (LTCA) modelfor helical planetary gear drives with multi-stage differential design concept. Some following related analysistopics are conducted in the project. Load sharing: the shared loads among the planets within the planet stage as well as the split loads into thetwo stages are analyzed. Load distribution on various modified flanks is analyzed. Influence analysis of errors: the influences of various assembly and manufacturing errors on the gearmeshing, the transmission errors, the backlash and the contact characteristics of loaded tooth arediscussed. Influence analysis of flank modification: the mathematical models of the modified helical gearsmanufactured by generation and profile grinding are established and used for analysis of the contactcharacteristics in presence of or free of errors.The analysis results from the developed LTCA model will be compared with the FEM results to validate thefeasibility of the model. The research results are useful to enhance the design ability of high end transmissionequipments.
Effective start/end date1/08/1831/10/19

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  • Multi-stage differential planetary gear drives
  • Loaded tooth contact analysis model
  • load sharing
  • load distribution
  • assembly and manufacturing errors
  • flank modification


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