Studies and Applications of Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Superconducting Circuits

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Josephson-junction-based artificial atoms and superconducting cavities together form circuit quantum electrodynamics architecture, which is perfect for studying quantum optics of strong coupling between atom and light. This architecture is even ideal for developments in various application aspects of quantum information processing, especially quantum computing. Quantum memory is a fundamental component required for many quantum computing algorithms. Electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) enjoys the slow light and the trapped light phenomena, and is therefore capable of storing information carried by photons. This proposal is regarding developing EIT-based quantum memory in superconducting circuit systems. The main obstacle for EIT superconducting memory comes from that superconducting artificial atoms typically do not favor Λ-type dipole-allowed transition level structure. In this proposal, we suggest new feasible Λ-type schemes for realizing EIT in superconducting circuits. We plan to utilize the fact that transition frequency of transmon atom can be quickly modulated by an AC magnetic field. This strategy can open a new transition channel, transform transmon systems into artificial atoms with Λ-type energy level structure, and create suitable EIT platforms. The required metastable excited state in Λ-type scheme can be achieved by using the subradiance state of a coupled transmon system, or by using design of on-chip band-stop filter to suppress radiation decay at specific frequencies. The advance of Λ-type EIT scheme in superconducting circuits will pave a way for the developments of quantum memory technology.
Effective start/end date1/08/2031/07/21

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  • superconducting artificial atom
  • superconducting qubit
  • electromagnetically induced transparency
  • quantum memory
  • quantum optics
  • circuit quantum electrodynamics


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