Smart machining software and hardware integration and female engineers cultivation project

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This talent cultivation project is planned for a three-year period, based on theprevious solid foundation of industry-university cooperation of our department, combinedwith the technical strength of artificial intelligence (AI) that has been planted in theentire department in the past few years. The project plans to contact the followingresearch topics: (1) Intelligent Manufacturing and Collaborative Robot, (2) Simulationand Artificial Intelligence Applications of High-End Electronic Component ThermalModeling, and (3) Automatic Inspection and Advanced Llighting and Display DeviceOptimization Using Artificial Intelligence. There are at least 6 corporations involved inthis project, which can provide diversified research topics with the theme of smartmachinery. As industry-university research is implemented, instructors and graduatestudents are responsible for helping companies develop technologies. We also designrelated undergraduate projects for college students as well. Students' specializations inthe fields of mechanics, electronics, and software applications can be applied inpractice. They can also incorporate the knowledge gained from integration into theeducational connotation of STEM.Another important goal of this project is to cultivate the technology talents of femaleresearchers and students. The main method is to establish and operate associations offemale mechanical engineers and to encourage female students to have more contact withfemale role models. Other arrangements for creating a female-friendly R&D environmentinclude improving the curriculum and encouraging students to participate in industrysubjects. As a result, female students can contribute their knowledge and strength in therelated technical fields, and open up a future career planning in STEM topics.
Effective start/end date1/08/2131/07/22


  • Smart Machinery
  • artificial intelligence(AI)
  • industry-university cooperation
  • talent cultivation of female researchers and students
  • associations of female mechanical engineers


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