Rethinking the Classicalization of the Theory of Childlike Heart from Li Zhuowu'S Controversial Evaluation

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This project will observe Li Zhuowu's controversy from different eras, fields and disciplines. In addition to hoping to have a more comprehensive understanding of Li Zhuowu, and further analyze how to form its exemplary status of "Children's Heart Theory". From the point of view of the times, different camps in the late Ming Dynasty gave Li Zhuowu different evaluations of the demon fear and uninhibited martyrdom; the Qing dynasty advocates downplayed Li Zhuowu's importance, but was re-marked by the reformers in the May Fourth Movement, as if he had become an enlightened and progressive person in thought. . The importance of Li Zhuowu is completely different in today ’s history of thought and literature. The supremacy of late Ming literature stems from his "Children's Doctrine", which has been continuously enlarged and simplified. It became a classic. This project hopes to construct a classical course of "Children's Heart Theory" through research.
Effective start/end date1/08/2031/07/21


  • Li Zhuowu
  • the theory of Childlike Heart
  • canonization


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