Research on the Bipolar Plasma Deposition Technique with Rocking Substrate Stage for the Applications of 3d Curved Screen (2nd Year)

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This is a proposal entitled of “Research on the bipolar plasma deposition technique with rocking substrate stage for the applications of 3D curved screen (2nd year)” regarding the improvement of the thickness uniformity of the thin film on the 3D curved screen. There are two methods to improve the thickness uniformity in this proposal, which are to apply the bipolar plasma deposition technique and to place the rocking substrate stage. The bipolar plasma deposition technique based on the theory of plasma can increase the plasma density by using tow phase-conjugate plasma guns. Different working gases and pressure can affect the plasma density and change the thickness distribution of the film. A data base of the optical materials fabricated by bipolar plasma deposition will be built up for the antireflection coating design. Besides, a rocking substrate stage will also be designed to improve the thickness uniformity of the thin film on the 3D curved screen. A deposition model will be set up to simulate the bipolar plasma deposition system with the rocking substrate stage to achieve an antireflection coating without chromatic difference on the 3D curved screen.
Effective start/end date1/08/1831/07/19

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  • bipolar plasma deposition technique
  • rocking substrate stage
  • 3D curved screen


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